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If the Religious Right Can’t Support Giuliani . . .

. . . who can they support?

AMERICAblog is reporting on a story that says the right-wing religious crowd (theocrats?) won’t throw it’s support behind the Rudy Giuliani if he’s the nominated candidate for the GOP. The guy loves marriage so much he’s done it three times. You’d think that’s something they could support. Oh, divorces? My bad.

So, if they religion-based voters can’t support Rudy, where should they turn? I’m thinking Obama would be a good choice since he’s a man of faith. My only concern is he may not be of the right kind of faith.

Does he use his faith to justify discriminating against gays? Nope.

Does he use his faith to justify wars? Nope.

Does he use his faith to mandate women’s health choices? Nope.

I’d love to see Obama win over people of faith who’ve been led astray by people who’ve abused their belief system.

Perhaps they’re open to hearing a message of tolerance, peace and understanding after seeing what intolerance, war, and xenophobia has done to this country?

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