Technology and Weather Don't Mix

One of the nice things about having a technology filled home is that you can
always find something to entertain yourself when the weather outside isn’t
cooperating. Or, can you?

Two teenagers in Connecticut found out that escaping an electrical storm by
staying inside to play Guitar Hero doesn’t guarantee their safety:

Strikes Guitar Heroes – Gaming Today

Two teens were knocked
back Thursday night as their guitar controllers became electrified. Ben and
Chris Bergen of Wilton, Connecticut were were rocking to “Message in a Bottle”
on Guitar Hero 2 when a lightning strike near the house channeled through the
electric wiring to their PS2 and shocked them.

People who’ve
dumped their land line telephones for cell phones can run into issues during
power outages that outlast their phone’s battery life. After a day or two
they’re cut off from the communications grid.

For me, the thing that always surprises me when the power goes out is how quiet
my home becomes. Other than the radio, the number one source of background noise
in my home is fans. Fans in computers, the refrigerator, central A/C, bathroom,
dehumidifier, dryer, and stove-top all come to a stop when the power goes out.
It’s not until the sounds of fans are gone that I realize how much noise they’re
creating all the time.

What challenges does the weather place on your tech lifestyle?

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