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My Latest Media Mention

Shoefiti was covered by Charlottesville, Virginia’s Daily Progress newspaper:

‘Shoefiti’ phenomenon has no clear answer

Ed Kohler is the creator of, a Web site that tracks shoefiti across the country and world. He says he created the term in 2005, after noticing shoes on utility lines near his Minneapolis, Minn., home.

Nobody’s ever been able to scientifically identify a reason for the dangling shoes, but they pop up in several different countries and in cities of all sizes, Kohler said.

The real reasons could depend on where the shoes are found, he said.

“On the lighter side of things, if it’s near a high school, it’s probably a case of hazing or something like that,” said Kohler, 33. “If it’s near a military base, it might be something where people finish their time and they’re celebrating.”

Jeff and Sarah may remember when I did this interview while stepping out from the Riverview Wine Bar for a few minutes on May 25th.

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