Martyn Lewis of Teliris Presents Live from London at Telepresence World 2007

One thing that is fairly ironic about the Telepresence conference is how many people are in attendence. As in, people have traveled to San Diego from all over the world where they’re discussing how their technology solutions allow you to avoid traveling all over the world.

This led me to wonder, “why aren’t more of the presentations being done via telepresence solutions from the solutions providors?” For example, Charles Stucki from Cisco mentioned that John Chambers was a real believer in telepresence, and Chambers would have loved to make it to the telepresence show. Why didn’t they schedule a Cisco powered presentation where Chambers addressed the telepresence audience for a few minutes during Stucki’s presentation?

Martyn Lewis - European Chairman - Teliris

The first presentation that followed through was Teliris’ European Charman, Martyn Lewis, who presented at the conference from eight time zones East in London. He mentioned that this allowed him to save four days of travel and jet lag. And it also helped proved the effectiveness of their technology.

Was it effective? His presentation garnered a large applause. The live Q&A that followed seemed as natural as if he was physically on the stage. The biggest area where it falls short is following the speech when he surely would have been approached by audience members with business cards in hand. Teliris has other team members on staff, so that’s accounted for as some level, but could that be the key connection that generates new business?

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