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Do You Use a Laptop for Classes?

Darren Barefoot found out the other day that few students are using laptops in classrooms – at least in English classes in Canada:

Liberal Arts University Classes Aren’t Filled With Laptops?

I was recently chatting with an English professor from a Canadian university, and happened to ask how many of her students took notes with laptops in class. “Oh, one or two,” she replied.

Really? Isn’t it 2007? I haven’t been in a university classroom for a while, but I kind of assumed that, regardless of faculty, nearly everybody would have laptops open.

I think the fact that it’s an English class has something to do with this. Additionally, I bet the classroom has around 4 power outlets, so it’s probably not the most laptop friendly environment.

One thought on “Do You Use a Laptop for Classes?”

  1. I never use my laptop to take notes. The problem is that usually the most valuable notes from class are in the form of diagrams, equations, flow charts, etc. Getting this stuff down is best done with a simple pencil and paper.

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