Bob Hagerty, CEO of Polycom at Telepresence World

Bob Hagerty, CEO of
Polycom, kicked off
by explaining that leaders need to be connected more than ever in
today’s business environment, yet face ever increasing communications challenges
due to increasingly complex corporate structures.

Reflecting on his own travel schedule as a CEO, he said it felt pretty cool to
become a million-mile flyer, but 2 million, then 3 million miles didn’t seem
nearly as cool. It’s often the case that travel time can be better spent
connecting with people in more places using telepresence solutions rather than
traveling to fewer.

Bob Hagerty, CEO of Polycom

Hagerty explained that today’s business environment is more distributed than
ever, with 90% of corporation’s employees working at locations other than the
home office. Additional challenges on leadership communications include
off-shoring, M&A, global supply chain’s mobility, distributed work teams,
and strategic partnering.? All create distance barriers that hurt operating
productivity and slow business growth.

Telepresence allows leaders to lead in more places and be involved in more
critical decisions. This substantially increases company alignment and executive
visibility while lowering the bar of accessibility to current issues out in the

Unfortunately, most remote corporate communications to date have been one-sided
mandates from headquarters rather than 2-way communications that give executives
the real-world intelligence they need to make better decisions. Telepresence
systems create a high performance workplace capable of generating faster
decision making, increased agility and response times, de-serialized workflows,
and collaborative decision making.

Communications are at their best when you have nods, facial expressions, etc.,
that let people know how people feel about what you’re saying and when they want
to speak.

Polycom’s Immersive Telepresence systems are, “Not just a window into a remote
room, but actually another room.”

Effective telepresence solutions have to play nice by sticking to accepted
standards and integrate with company wide collaboration solutions and
telecommuncations systems to increase compatibility.

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