Burger King Has Alarm Triggers in the Walk-Ins

It seems like it’s not if, but when, you’ll end up in the walk-in while you’re being robbed working in the fast food industry.

Armed Robber Nabbed at Burger King

Around their midnight closing time, a man armed with a sawed-off shotgun and a knife attempted to rob the NE Minneapolis Burger King on Central and 18th. The robber forced the employees into the cooler and proceeded to clear out the cash register. However, the employees remembered their training and tripped a silent alarm located in the cooler.

Having an alarm trigger installed in the cooler is smart, but just goes to show how common it is for employees to end up there during a robbery.

Fast Food Nation – the book, but not so much in the movie – gets into this. They tend to have a lot of cash – especially compared to gas stations who have higher percentages of credit card transactions. They’re located in great getaway locations. And they have a LOT of sketchy ex-employees who know how much cash is on hand and when.

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