My Favorite Firefox Shortcut Keys

I’m a big fan of using the keyboard rather than a mouse whenever possible. It’s
so much faster to keep my hands hovering over the keys rather than bouncing over
to a mouse or touchpad to do something I can do with a couple keys. FireFox has
a ton of great keyboard shortcuts that will help you save milliseconds per
action, which ads up to something like an extra week a year of time for surfing
around on YouTube. Here are my favorites. The examples are from the Mac, but
most can be converted to Windows by using Ctrl rather than Cmd.

  1. Cmd-T: Opens a new tab.
  2. Cmd-K: Moves cursor into the search box. I often use a Cmd-T followed by a
    Cmd-K to open and search in a new tab.
  3. Cmd-W: Close Tab. You have to close them eventually.
  4. Cmd-L: Moves cursor into the location bar.
  5. Cmd + Click: Opens a link in a new tab. A great way to open articles from
    news sites where they can load in a separate tab while you scan additional

And one more. Under Advanced Preferences, there is a check box for, “Search for
text when I start typing.” This really helps find things within a page. For
example, after clicking through from a search result, you know the page you’ve
landed on contains the terms you searched for. By simply tying the first few
letters of one of the words, you’ll immediately be taken to that part of the
page. And it’s smart enough to disable itself when you’re filling out forms.

Firefox Advanced Find

What keyboard shortcuts do you rely on for efficient web surfing?

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