Airline Seat Preference: Gimme a Right-Sided Window

Erica Tweeted the other day about her airline seat preferences:

I prefer sitting on the aisle because it feels like it’s more space, but everyone passes by with their ass at face level.

We’d be great travel companions since I’m all about the window seats. The best seat on the plane, from my perspective, is the 2nd row’s right-side window seat. The first row sucks because you can’t stow your bag under the seat in front of you. Being near the front makes getting on an off less of a hassle. And the right-size is better for me because I’m a right-leaner.

Erica can have the aisles. I’ve had enough cart-to-the-elbow experiences to know aisles aren’t for me.

Right-side window seats in emergency exit rows are pretty good too, but if I’m particularly exhausted it’s a pain because I can’t zoink out until after I’ve pledged to open the door if a plane full of people are screaming at me after a crash.

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