Palm Foleo Use Cases that Make Sense

Palm announced the future launch of a new computer earlier this week called the
Mobile Companion
that’s designed to pair with Treo phones for cellular
Internet access while providing a large screen and keyboard for a laptop style
on the road when you’re away from your laptop.

Huh? That was the first impression Ben and I had when watching the announcement.
When would someone be away from their laptop, yet carrying something like this

Here’s the pitch: it turns on and off in an instant, like a Palm device, so you
don’t waste time waiting for it to boot or come out of hibernate mode. That
might be an interesting pitch to Windows uses, but Mac users are already
accustomed to opening the lid of their laptops for an instant-on experience.

As I thought about this more, I had a harder and harder time understanding when
this product would be useful for business people who are already armed with a
laptop and smartphone.

However, I did manage to think of plenty of other applications for this. And
they all revolve around using this product as a stand-alone device rather than a
companion to a Treo:

1. Courtesy Computers: Stick a few of these in your waiting area or
boardroom for guests to check their email and surf the web on. They’re
considerably cheaper than a laptop, less virus prone, and surely use less energy
than a full computer. What would be cooler in a doctor’s office: a month old
issue of InTouch or a computer you can use to surf to

2. RV Travelers: Older couples who’ve sold their home and hit the road
aren’t using their computers to run spreadsheets and create PowerPoints. It’s
all about surfing the web for destination information and keeping in touch with
people via email. This does both. Perhaps they’d pair it with a Treo for surfing
while cruising the Interstate highway system, but even without that they could
hop on
WiFi connections at coffee shops and
Bread restaurants. It includes USB and SD card ports, so uploading photos to
Flickr should be relatively easy.

3. Minivans: Hook up the kids with something to do while you’re shuttling
them between soccer, lacrosse, rowing, choir practice, and whatever else kids do
these days. This would require someone in the car to have a web-connected
cellular device. Apparently, the first launch of the Foleo won’t support YouTube
videos, which could be viewed as a feature by parents driving web surfing kids

4. Limos: I have friends who’s laptops are so slow to boot, they’d never
consider bothering using it during a limo ride. More limos are
in-vehicle WiFi networks routing cellular Internet connections, making a
Foleo a perfect choice for people interested in killing some time by checking
headlines on the web.

Amazingly, the product has only been announced for two days, doesn’t ship until
later this summer, yet
already has four accessories for sale for the Foleo

Would you buy one? If yes, how do you expect to use it?

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