Should Metro Transit Have Less Bus Stops?

Andrew Scott raises some interesting points in his take on Metro Transit’s current number of bus stop locations. Basically, he’s saying that citizens would be better served by walking a bit further to stops in exchange for a much faster ride once boarded:

Fewer bus stops would be better all over Cities

The problem of unneeded stops is readily apparent to any rider of the No. 21 bus linking Uptown, LRT and St. Paul. It stops at the Hiawatha Avenue LRT, at Minnehaha Avenue one block away, at 27th Avenue and at a brand-new stop at 28th Avenue. Four stops in four short blocks. This does not work.

As the FTA report shows, we should see significant time savings — while preserving short walking distances — with stops spaced every half mile. Not every tenth of a mile as is common now, yielding travel times roughly twice as great as those for half-mile spacing.

I think he may be onto something as I look at the 21 near the East end of Lake Street. There are stops every other block along Lake. Surely removing every other stop wouldn’t be the end of the world for commuters commute to and from the stops while making a big difference in bus transit time.

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