PizzaMan Has Encounter with Pooh-Style Pizza Lover

I have to agree with the Pizza Man on this one: morbid obesity may outweigh obscenity at times.

Pizza Man – It’s Springtime… and the crazies start calling

The old man who answered the door wearing nothing but a t-shirt that was two sizes too small.

This morbidly obese dude opened the door to reveal his Jabba-like bod clad in a tiny t-shirt that only covered his man-boobs. He smiled at me with his yellow, severely fucked-up teeth and started breathing heavily. Although I was totally grossed out, I smiled back and asked for the payment. He turned around to grab the cash off his kitchen counter, revealing his massive cottage-cheese ass in the process. Seriously people, this guy’s ass was gigantic.
I took the money, thanked him (he tipped rather well) and split.

I thanked God above that this guy was fat, for his gut was so big and hung down so low that it covered his junk.

Praise Jesus.

Being pooh-style, I have to wonder if honey was one of the toppings on the pizza lover’s pizza.

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