John Edwards Is Close to Getting It

AMERICAblog has posted John Edwards’ responses to the Human Rights Campaign’s survey of presidential candidates, and overall, looks very good, but the statement below by Edwards shows that he hasn’t quite come all the way to accepting gays as equals quite yet:

John Edwards on civil rights for gay and lesbian Americans

I believe that couples in committed, long-term relationships should have the same rights, benefits, and responsibilities, whether they are straight couples or same-sex couples.

To me, it sounds like Edwards is applying a higher standards to the relationships of same-sex couples than applies to opposite-sex couples. For example, opposite-sex couples don’t have to be committed or in a long-term relationship to get married, and immediately receive all of the legals rights bestowed upon them through marriage as soon as the ink dries.

Gay people will not be truly equal until their marriages can be as screwed up as those of opposite sex couples.

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