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Rename Ford Parkway after Ronald Reagan?

Just doing my part to fan the flames of City Hall Scoop’s rumor on a plan to rename Ford Parkway after the former president, Ronald Reagan:

Coming to Highland: Ronald Reagan Blvd.?

Poulos played down the partisan nature of the coup this week. He’d heard the rumors, he acknowledged, that he and his fellow travelers were secretly plotting to have Ford Parkway renamed Ronald Reagan Boulevard after the eponymous car company pulls out next year.

“I heard that and just laughed,” Poulos said. “I think it’s just an example of the hysteria out there.”

He can’t speak for the other Republicans elected to the HDC last month, he said, but commemorating the conservative hero in St. Paul “isn’t on my agenda… We’d like to fix an intersection or two, get some potholes filled and get the council to take itself more seriously,” he said.

Will “The Freets” drive on Ronald Reagan Parkway to get to Noodle’s or the Highland Park Grill?

I’m pretty sure Reagan is my favorite president to serve in the 80’s. Only because he killed less people than George H. W. Bush (41). However, some would argue that King George the First actually did the bulk of his killing in the 90’s, making his kill rate less than Reagan’s in the 80’s. What should be made of that?

3 thoughts on “Rename Ford Parkway after Ronald Reagan?”

  1. If the HDC renames Ford Pkwy. to Ronald Reagan Pkwy., not only will I drive it to Noodles and Highland Grille, I will sell arms to Iran and divert the funds to Guatemalan death squads who will then procure a large SUV for me to drive on Ronald Reagan Pwky. I don’t care if I need to drive north on Snelling, I’ll first drive down and then back up Ronald Reagan Pkwy. I’ll drive Ronald Reagan Pkwy. so much so that all the gas I buy at the gas stations on Ronald Reagan Pwky. will create revenue that will trickle down from the highlands, into the Mississippi and lift up the poor river-people into a higher tax bracket (and for whom their taxes will then be cut). Driving Ronald Reagan Pkwy. will be like invading Grenada all over again – fast, arousing and strategic, and quite tropical.

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