Gigi’s Coffee on Bryant

Cafeapolis has a great review of Gigi’s, and breaks down the clientèle thusly:

Gigi’s Cafe » Cafeapolis «

“Generally you will find a slightly older, more professional crowd at Gigi’s. There is no wifi offered and after sitting awhile it occurred to me that this was most likely done on purpose. The biggest difference from most coffee shops I’ve been to is the almost complete lack of students tapping on laptops. One could certainly study here, but only if it involved those old-fashioned dealies known as “books”. No wireless and the downplaying of decor lends itself to the experience. Gigi’s becomes the background upon which more important things happen: enjoying quality food and drink, relaxing and talking with friends, and appreciating a delicious summer evening.”

Sounds like a good place for a face to face meeting. And the deserts mentioned in the review sound good too. I may have to drag Ben of to this inner-city oasis sometime soon.

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