Croatia and Slovenia Update

Um, it is like reallz nice over here, but thez put the z and the y in opposite spots on the kezboard so itćs tough to tzpe. Thez also put the apostrophe somewhere where I canćt find it.

Ićd upload a photo or two, but the generic Windows XP computer at the Dubrovnik Internet Centar doesnćt recogniye mz USB chip. Talk about roughing it, eh_ Oh, and the question mark is moved too! How do people live like this_

Slovenia has some not-so-beautiful communist architecture in places, and some incrediblz beautiful cities at the other extreme. Weird. Zoućll just have to take mz word for it for now.

And zes, I could simplz learn to tzpe yćs instead of zćs whenever I need a y or a z, but then Ićd have to unleard what I onlz need to know for less than a week. Thatćs waz too much work. If zou have a problem with it, zoućve alreadz probablz stopped reading, so I can saz, ĆScrew ZouĆ to zou without zou even knowing.

2 thoughts on “Croatia and Slovenia Update”

  1. Hi Ed–
    Yeah, I had similar issues with the computers in Iceland…On top of the handful of QWERTY letter shifting differences (just because they could), they also have a half dozen unique letters in their alphabet, so they placed most of the ‘regular’ special characters hidden behind some shift+alt+light blue on the front of the keys key combos.

    So, touch typing became hunt and peck, which even that was stopped ice cold hunting for certain symbols. You know, little pesky things like an @ sign. Go ahead, just try to send an email without an @ sign (yes, some of my email addresses were in my online address book or could be bypassed by clicking the reply button, but not all).

    I think most of my first emails I just sent with some obvious letter substitutes because I was too tired to hunt down all the right letters.

    But, for the critical ones, I finally had to ask someone there (the librarian in my case), who pointed out the shift+alt dealio.

    Hope you’re having a great time, say hi to Carly for me–Mike

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