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Donate More Money

One thing I noticed while doing my taxes this year was that I didn’t donate enough money to charities. That’s based on my own arbitrary judgment, of course, but I bet a lot of people reading this would feel the same way if they thought about it.

I’ve found that I’m most likely to donate to charities where I both believe in the cause and have a friend who’s vested in the cause in some way. It may be due to their work, and event they decided to participate in, or as a result of a medical issue they’ve contracted.

Here are a few organizations I’ve donated to and trust based on personal connections. I haven’t researched the efficacy of any of these, but donated based on the relationships I have with the people who suggested donating:

American Foundation for Suicide Preventions

American Cancer Society
Epilepsy Foundation
Lambda Legal

Take 5 minutes and $25 to make a statement by supporting a non-profit that matters to you.

Then tell your friend about the donation you made.

It will be the best $25 you spend all day.

One thought on “Donate More Money”

  1. I am downright terrible and quite impulsive when it comes to donating. That’s not a bad May challenge, to make a well-thought out donation. I have made donations to some community theater in east St. Paul that I will never go to, the freaking Independent Party, a number of food shelves, and some kids who wanted to go meet the Timberwolves instead of join a gang.

    The ridiculous thing is I consistently give waaaay to much money to MPR, given how little I listen to it and how little they need my money compared to other organizations. Looks like maybe I am a limosine liberal afterall.

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