Fake Voter Fraud Complaints from the GOP

I’ve written before about how the GOP constantly beats the same old dead horse about voter fraud where they claim the Dems are registering legions of illegal voters.

If I may quote myself from last summer:

While the GOP often points to examples of fraudulent voter registrations under names like Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck to supposedly show how fradulent vote manipulation can be on the left, they fail to make a signficant point since nobody would possibly show up at the polls to cast a vote under the name of a cartoon character. Thus, the voter registration fraud issue leads to no actual voting fraud.

Minnesota Campaign Report gets into the action with a story on a right-wing group called the “American Center for Voting Rights” which wasn’t particularly interested in making sure everyone voted. They appeared to be more interested in preventing people in certain districts in swing states from voting through overbearing voter registration and proof of identity:

Republican Front Group’s Domain Expires, ACORN Swoops In

As I mentioned above, there are a couple of angles to this. One, the words “voter fraud” are a farce. We know this now; they’re little more than a Rovian vote-suppression tactic. But then it morphed into part of an over-arching strategy to politicize every last department of the federal government, leading to the improper firings of several U.S. attorneys who were loyal Republicans all, just not political enough, not voracious enough in their pursuit of this mythic “voter fraud” creature in their jurisdictions.

Additionally, it sounds like the politically motivated firing of 8 federal judges is also related to this issue. As I understand it, one of the complaints out of George W. Bush’s White House (likely from Karl Rover and enforced by Alberto Gonzales while Bush took a nap) was that certain federal judges were not coming down hard enough on trumped up “voter fraud” issues like the ones referred to above.

This is about as undemocratic and unpatriotic as one could get. Creating trumped up voter fraud charges in an attempt to actually suppress voter turn out is just plain evil.

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