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Crow River Coffee Company Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito at Crow River Coffee Company

Ben from and I stopped by the Crow River Coffee Company for lunch on May 8th after one of our Technology Evangelist podcasts. One of our regular listeners owns the place, so we decided to swing out to say hi. BenCredible was out there last Friday as well for a night on the town in Watertown.

They had a breakfast burrito on the menu, so it was pretty obvious what I should be ordering. This was one of the more unusual breakfast burritos I’ve had, but that’s coming from the perspective of someone who lives along E Lake St. in Minneapolis

The innards consisted of a lot of scrambled eggs, cheese of the cheddar variety, deli-sliced ham, and pesto. The salsa was something close to Pace medium, and there was a pickle for a garnish. It was lunch time, so I assume the pickle had something to do with the time of day.

Overall, it was fresh and well prepared. Not what I was expecting, but I liked it. The chips pictured were extra.

While any scrambled egg in a burrito combination probably meets the criteria for breakfast burrito, I must say that I lean toward the rice or beans pairing, so this doesn’t make my top-5.

As you can see from the picture below, Ben went for the panini:

Ed & Ben in Watertown

They have a lot of paninis on the menu, so that’s probably the correct order at this spot.

If you’re up for a run bike ride, consider biking out to this place. It’s around 30 miles from Minneapolis and a really beautiful small city along the banks of the Crow River. The coffee shop it right on the river as you cross into town.

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