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Behind the Scenes with Derusha

It’s not often that you get to see news actually being created right before your eyes. Jason Derusha gives us a glimpse into the machine with this awesome video of his coverage of the Highway 36 shut down controversy.

via MNSpeak

2 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes with Derusha”

  1. Pretty funny…almost like a Daily Show “report”. I always thought of WCCO as the “old guy” channel, so interesting they are using the video blog to reach out to younger generations. Good idea I think.

    As a side note, that damn cigarette thing does piss me off. Somehow being a smoker gives you the right to litter. Actually, since the gov’t is starting to take away smoking privileges, perhaps it makes sense for the gov’t to start giving them other privileges that non-smokers don’t have. Like littering. Like, maybe they can speed. Or, public intoxication could be legal (actually, that should be legal anyway for all taxpaying citizens). So – maybe driving a bike drunk could be legal…that’s a nice compromise. Not a car – that’s too dangerous; just public bike drunkenness. I’m running for office on this platform.

  2. The Freets does not see the logic in increasing government regulations on smokers. We should be reducing the size of government while hiring someone to clean up the cigarette butts, i.e., we should hire a private firm to clean up the butts and then hire a private firm to monitor them to make sure they’re not using undocumented workers to do the butt cleaning, and also hire another private firm to make sure they are held accountable to they’re original commitment of cleaning butts, and then have the GAO monitor the monitors to make sure they’re monitoring the butt cleaning. But the GAO should be trying to reduce staff at the same time.

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