Drive 105 Thoughts

The Freets had the following comment about Drive 105:

It wasn’t my favorite station, but it still beat the crap out of most others.

I think that summarizes why Drive 105 failed. It was marginally good without being great. It’s best to be the best at a radio format.

Is love the answer?

7 thoughts on “Drive 105 Thoughts”

  1. I never cared for Drive 105. I miss REV 105. The only thing I cared for on Drive was Homegrown, which is looking for a new home. KFAI perhaps?

  2. The Freets applies the same philosophy The Deets has for radio stations to other countries in the world: It’s best to be the best country like the U.S.A., which is why all other countries will fail. Likewise, we should force our “format” onto other countries until the world is one large Christian Rock/Country haven for the righteous good-doers.

    Of course, The Mrs. Freets (un Freet for short) is pretty pissed about losing Drive 105. I tried to tell her that it’s all the hippies’/The Deets’ fault – “Love 105” sounds like some big hippy lovefest with drugs, nakedness and painted school busses. She told me to STFU. I think she might actually be a liberal… a womens liberal.

  3. Drive 105 was the only station I would listen to here. It didn’t include douchebag ranting racists like Tom Bernard, it played newer music unlike KS95 which considers shit from 1996 “new”, and they didn’t spend hours talking about dumb bullshit in between mediocre playlists like The Current.

    Now that I own a car that has more than an AM/FM radio, I don’t have to be tied down to the airwaves and my CD changer has been filled with numerous different artists recently. This is much different than the days when my 12 disc changer in my 1999 Saturn were filled with four Grateful Dead shows at all times.

  4. I actually thought Drive 105 had good range for alternative music and without a lot of DJ jabber. Plus, while I’m not an advertising expert, I would have thought this was a good demographic audience…probably 25-40 year-old college educated folks, with on average pretty good disposable income. Anyhow – sorry to see it go. The next best options (Cities 97 and the Current) just don’t cut it for me.

    I just wrote my complain letter to Love 105. Seriously, is Love 105 going to be around in 2 years?? I highly doubt it.

  5. I’ll miss drive 105 simply because it’s one less choice on the dial. Between 105, 104.1, 97.1, 94.5, and 89.3 I was bound to find SOMETHING not completely crappy to listen to.

    Years ago, when I lived in Iowa there were basically two radio stations to choose from. KRNA and I forgot the other one. Both were somewhere between 104.1 and 94.5, in terms of quality, but beggars can’t be choosers. I am shitting you negative here, one time both were playing Meat Loaf’s I Will Do Anything for Love song at the exact same time and the songs were five seconds apart.

    So I value choice, even if there is not much variety between those choices. The odds of being subjected to Meat Loaf on four Twin Cities stations is tiny, but it is still larger than if I had five to choose from. And for that reason, I will miss Drive 105.

  6. What happened to Drive 105?
    I thought that LOVE was in a familiar place, but I wasn’t sure.

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