Why Is Google Advertising IE7 to Mac Users?

Relevancy is the key to getting people to click on ads, so it only makes sense
for ad serving services, like Google AdWords, to use any data they can get their
hands on to improve the relevancy of the ads they serve to users.

With that in mind, check out this ad served to me in my Gmail account while
using FireFox on my MacBook Pro:

Upgrading to the new IE 7? Who do they think they’re talking to? The ad was
so irrelevant that it got my attention.

page for the ad lists the following system requirments:

System requirements:
• Windows XP SP2+
• 64MB RAM
• 12MB disk space

But they’re clearly not using those requirements to serve ads.

Google must be able to see which browser and OS I’m using. Why don’t they
use that money to serve more relevant ads? And while they’re at it, why not
provide that functionality to ALL Google Adwords advertisers. I’m sure there
are many advertisers who could build better click through rates and a better
ROI for their ad campaigns if they could filter their ad serving based on
browser and operating statistics.

For example, this would make it much easier to target geeks, Luddites, or
designers, to name just three unique sub-markets. Why not allow people
selling software for the Mac to target Mac users? Or let the Geek Squad
target pre-XP users? Or let Adobe target people with massively high screen

Better relevancy is better for all parties. Advertisers waste less money.
Consumers find ads more valuable. And Google’s best positioned for long-term
ad revenues if they make the market as efficient as possible.

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