Breaking Down Sen. Norm Coleman’s Q1 Fundraising

Minnesota Monitor drops a fact bomb on the Coleman’s campaign talking points:

Coleman Q1 Fundraising: Rhetoric vs. Reality

Rhetoric: “We’re extremely excited that we have so much support from within the state.”

Reality:: In Q1 2007, Coleman raised two and half times as much from southern California as he did from Minneapolis; more from the Phoenix metro area than from St. Paul; more from New York City than from Wayzata, and more from Washington D.C. than from Minnetonka. Donors from Naples, Florida (population: 22,000) also beat out Minnesota’s capital city of St. Paul (population: 287,151).

Better take a look in the mirror before you bash Franken for taking out of state money.

4 thoughts on “Breaking Down Sen. Norm Coleman’s Q1 Fundraising”

  1. I have to tell you that a republican could never raise a dollar in Minneapolis or Saint Paul, these are democratic strongholds, they always have been and always will be. So if he doesn’t raise money outside of those areas, he won’t raise any money.

  2. What about Wayzata, Minnetonka, or Eden Prairie? I’m sure there is plenty of money in the Western ‘burbs.

  3. So Norm is still our senator, I haven’t seen or read a meaningful view from him in months.

    Money from So Cal? Was he pimping there or his significant other…oh, my bad, his wife lives in So Cal, not his significant other…oops, would these women find out about each other from the Deets blog?

    I suppose not, those ‘family values’ types like the Coleman’s wouldn’t read one of those new-fangled blogs now would they? Enquiring minds would like to know…

  4. As Norm’s wife lives in So. Cal., clearly she is spearheading his fundraising there, so that explains this difference. And SHE is originally from Minnesota, so technically, that money should count toward the Minnesota tally. What a loving relationship they must have, including strong family values as she increases the value of their family (in terms of money).

    Don’t try to create a zone de spin, The Deets… Norm is clearly a Minnesota son via New York. He stands firm on the issues important to Minnesota, like voting with Pres. Bush nearly 100% of the time UNTIL he became unpopular. That, my friends, is called integrity.

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