Nochee to Reopen as Harry’s Food and Cocktails

Nochee is an interest place. It plays up it’s location in downtown with a patio, but the patio is on busy Washington Ave. Something a bit more casual may draw the right mix into this place, although the parking around there is a lot tougher than even a few blocks away at Maxwell’s.

The Grain Belt chandelier and suburb-bashing quote will certainly get me in the door to check the place out.

Counter Intelligence: A tribute to Harry

Bonewell describes the menu as “traditional American fare with a modern twist,” including some of Harry’s favorite dishes, from meat loaf to prime rib. “It’s not going to be a suburban restaurant where you can get away with standard fare,” said Bonewell. “When you’re in Minneapolis, the public holds you to a higher standard.”

The remade dining room will include lots of big booths, a wide-open kitchen and decorative touches like a chandelier made with Grain Belt Premium bottles. “Grain Belt was Harry’s favorite way to chase a Boilermaker,” Bonewell said.

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