FUH2 – Stillwater Style

This just in from The Deets’ Stillwater correspondent, Jeff Deitch. He’s carbon-off-setting the H2 on his block with his Honda Insight. And he’s hypermiling the Insight, so I think he’s topping our work Expedition’s MPGs by a few fold.

FUH2 Stillwater

If you owned a H2, would you feel embarrassed to park it near an Insight?

On a somewhat related note, I received an email from someone who stumbled across The Deets last night after Googling himself. I had commented on – and disagreed with – a letter he had written in the Star Tribune. He included this gem among his comments to me:

” . . . unlike some, I don’t find it necessary to use the “finger” to impress my readers. See my website for a comparison to yours.”

I think by “unlike some” he means me.

I’ll take the opinion of a person who thinks women shouldn’t have the right to an abortion after being raped for what it’s worth.

If you’re looking for an alternative to The Deets where the “finger” isn’t used to impress readers, I suggest you give Hap Corbett’s site a try.

6 thoughts on “FUH2 – Stillwater Style”

  1. SNAPPPPP!!!!

    I have a message for Hap Corbett:

    Hap Corbett RULES!!! I’m impressed with Hap Corbett.

    ROFL, Hap Corbett.


  2. The Freets is not impressed by your finger as well. The Freets’s finger is much more impressive.

    Hap Corbett is The Freets’s kind of man. How dare you make light of his First Amendment right to Google himself and to criticize you for flipping the bird to Hummer owners, who clearly are Christian and by default expressing their desire to keep America’s righteous oil crusade againsts the evildoers alive? How dare you sir.

    If only The Freets had a blog to counter the pinko-Commie-Longfellowie leanings of The Deets…

  3. Wow, I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen my husband’s middle finger before! He’s got nice form – he must have learned from a pro… er, me.

    My Insight sure is cute too!

  4. I’m wondering how killing a live baby within her body somehow erases the horrible experience of having been raped.

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