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Vodium's Robust Video Publishing and Indexing Service

Cameron Clarke from Vodium
presented in the Broadcasting Online for Business session.

Vodium is an online video platform focusing on rich media communication for
corporations and government institutions. Videos from conferences,
presentations, and training are formatted for the web, and transcribed with
links and other embeddable relevant media.

Videos are searchable by any spoken word, and can be started at the search
phrase you searched for. Searchable transcripts with links to start video
content seems like a very powerful tool since viewers can jump directly to the
content they’ve shown an interest in rather than working through a video in
search of content that may interest them. Actions or items within videos can
also be described within the transcript, such as a horse shown but not

Cameron Clarke of Vodium
Cameron Clarke

Video stats allow publishers to find out which content is receiving the most
traffic and adjust future training based on viewer behavior.

Video transcripts are search engine friendly, significantly increasing the
volume of content indexed in search engines compared to video’s meta data. Links
from search engine referrals take visitors directly to the segment of the video
relevant to the terms they’ve searched for.

Turnaround time for video publishing can be as fast as same-day, but generally
takes a few days.

The power of this appears to be the speed of rich media retrieval. People are
much more likely to look up information if it’s a fast and simple process to do so.

Clarke’s theory on information sharing: “I’ve always been an advocate of long-form
content.” He prefers to let users decide what’s important for themselves by
searching long form content rather than editing it down into shorter formats.

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