Webcam Travel Documentary

115pm, originally uploaded by mzeller.

Jeremy, Ben, and I were streaming live on the web today from the Expedition en route to Fort Wayne, Indiana while we were powered by Mike & Ike’s. Rock on.

This was done using two webcams, and audio mixer for each mic, and a MacBook Pro pushing out the camera and audio feeds. It worked kinda well near big cities and not all that well elsewhere.

2 thoughts on “Webcam Travel Documentary”

  1. It was crazy. I tuned in every now and then. It was seriously like what it’d be like if I was sitting in a SUV you guys for hours, so I couldn’t take it for long periods of time, no offense. It’d be the same with anyone really. Also, tell Ben I’m sorry for jabbing him on Twitter. How many would anyone want to really take a road trip with? For me the number isn’t high. Cool use of technology though. 🙂

  2. It’s wasn’t so much your comment as me laughing about your comment to Ben that caused him to cry himself to sleep tonight at the Hampton Inn. I gave him a fresh dry pillow once he settled down.

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