FUH2 Canada Style

FUH2 Canada Style, originally uploaded by edkohler.

Spotted this bad boy at the Radisson near the Pearson airport.

I learned earlier today that Ontario has reduced it’s greenhouse gas emissions over the past year. I think I know a way they could be reduced even more.

One thought on “FUH2 Canada Style”

  1. Yeah, and if it was my van on the passenger side of that Hummer, I would have given it more than my middle finger. Check out how close those two are parked, looks a bit tight.

    I’ve been thinking of the gluttonese of the Hummer and it occurs to me the quickest way to get them off the road would be to no longer allow gas to be claimed as a business expense on taxes. That way my tax dollars will not subsidize Acme Realty’s fleet of Hummers grossing around town showing off how tough their prissy realtors are.

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