Share the Road Event a Success

Roadguy has a great summary of the events surrounding last Friday’s Share the Road event, so I won’t duplicate his efforts. For those of you not familiar with this, Longfellow residents are trying to get drivers along W River Road to drive more respectfully through our neighborhood. It’s a popular commuter route since it’s scenic with no stop lights, but it’s also a popular bike route and recreation area. That doesn’t always mix.

I have some photos of the event here.

Becketwood has a particularly bad road crossing for the elderly since it’s on the S-turn between 44th & 45th St E. Blind turns and slow walkers don’t mix. Some residents showed up to support the cause:

Becketwood Share the Road Site

The 38th St E crowd came on bikes with trailers for the most part. I sampled a cookie from Fireroast Mountain Cafe. Very good. It turns out they have a Mexican menu worth checking out. I need to hit that soon:

Bike Trailers at 38th St E

I believe this is the first time Hillary’s son met a real live tree:

Meeting a Tree

Hillary works for the Longfellow Community Council’s.

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