Canon SD600 vs Canon SD800 Camera Photo Quality

Ben and I were grabbing some tea at a Minneapolis coffee shop last week when Ben
spotted this guy working on a ladder leaning on . . . the wire.

Aaron Landry’s comment on my Flickr account summed up the reason for taking the
photos below:

We happened to have a
camera with us at the time. Ben took the same photo with both cameras
only seconds apart. Can you tell the difference?

Photo A:
Ladder on Wire
Photo B:
Ladder on Wire

We thought the sign on the building and the sky were less washed out in Photo B.
Notice any other differences?

The price difference is currently $75 ($249 vs $324).

You can find out which photo was taken with which camera by clicking on the
photos. The Flickr photo pages list the cameras used along the right column.

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