Flaming Power Outage in Longfellow

Flaming Power Outage in Longfellow, originally uploaded by edkohler.

The power went out around 10 minutes ago in Longfellow, so Carly and I set down our laptops and went for a walk to investigate.

We think this flaming phone pole at 32nd St E & 45th Ave S might have something to do with it.

Mary, the automated response lady at Xcel Energy, says power will be out for 4 hours. Carly said, “I don’t have four hours!” in response, so I guess she’s coffee shop bound in another neighborhood.

I got shushed along by a member of the MFD after snapping this exclusive footage for The Deets. If it blows up it leads on The Deets.

3 thoughts on “Flaming Power Outage in Longfellow”

  1. So that’s what caused the power flash here. Nice. If you guys are in real need of power for something, let me know. We have a whole bunch of it! I haven’t showered and smell bad though.

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