Craigslist Users Nix Professionally Produced Real Estate Listings

Point2Agent agent’s listings getting bumped from Craigslist, according to St. Paul / Minneapolis REALTOR, Bonnie Erickson, who wrote about here recent experiences on her Real Estate Snippers blog:

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Craig’s List and I duked it out this last week and I lost! My website has a wonderful system of sending the listing information I input to lots of different aggregators including Oodle, Trulia, Edgeio, Yahoo classifieds, and others. The very last step taken on my website listing input is to “manually” add my listing to Craig’s List and Unbeknownst to me the consumes who use Craig’s List have the right to zap your listing if they don’t like it.

What’s interesting about this to me is that listings are basically getting bumped for being too professionally produced. Point2Agent, along with classifieds syndication companies like Vflyer, have taken the approach of producing higher production value listings using colorful templates, photos, and links to more information. Apparently, there are some in the Craigslist community who don’t see the benefit.

Are Craigslist users interested in searching ALL of the homes for sale in their city, or only homes listed with amateurish looking postings? If it’s the latter, I imagine Point2Agent will simply start providing more amateurish looking templates for agents to choose from.

Here’s a link to a Point2agent published to Craigslist, Minneapolis. I have no idea how long it will last. In case it goes down, it looks like this, and has links to Yahoo and Google Maps of the property below the fold:

Is that really what’s getting the Craigslist crowd worked up? It seems pretty benign to me.

It makes me wonder if this could actually be a case of agents flagging each other’s listings.

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