CNN’s Hobby Quiz

According to CNN’s hobby quiz, I’m into:


Life is a journey, and you take the time to smell every single rose along the way. Your brain is a sponge, soaking up every detail of life around you, and you constantly look inward to figure out the ties that bind you to the universe. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it’s what makes you tick. You might like hobbies like participating in archaeological digs, botany, assembling models, playing the stock market, meditation or even parapsychology.

I agree with the description, but I have no interest in the suggested hobbies.

3 thoughts on “CNN’s Hobby Quiz”

  1. Mine was “Tech”. Lol!! The thing us that the “quiz” was very one sided. I didn’t have most of my actual choices as options for most of the questions. Oh well, it was fun for about 20 seconds.

  2. I’m “CREATIVE”

    “You have a gift for expression. Whether it’s writing, drawing, creating objets d’art or making music, you see the world in a unique way and are able to convey that to other people. No doubt you doodle on napkins and meeting notes, are always humming a new tune, have already read the latest fiction releases, and know all the local art galleries’ schedules by heart. You might like hobbies like sketching, photography, sculpting, playing an instrument, singing, journaling, scrap-booking or designing clothing.”

    I do doodle; I do hum and whistle; I do like blogging: I do like singing: I do like playing piano: I do like taking photographs. I haven’t read the latest fiction; I don’t know all the gallery schedules by heart….that’s what my google calendar is for!

  3. that was fun – here’s mine, it’s fairly accurate (minus the spelunking & motocross):

    OUTDOOR – You can’t be cooped up! People like you need to breathe fresh air and commune with nature. Feeling the dirt, rocks, water or sand beneath your feet and hands and having the wind in your face makes you feel alive. You’ll take the outdoors any way you can get it, whether you’re dangling from ropes, paddling a boat or speeding down the countryside on a dirt bike. You might like hobbies like spelunking, motocross, hiking, deep sea diving, white water rafting, ultimate Frisbee or other outdoor team sports.

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