Burn 400 Calories, Eat 500

I believe I’ve fallen into this trap before after long runs or bike rides. I’ll feel like I’ve earned some form of indulgence, but the indulgence I choose may be beyond what I’ve truly earned:

Mindless Eating » Why I Never Say (Exercise)

Consider the Four Mile Donut. If we were to walk as fast as we could for an hour, we’d cover a breathless, heart pounding 3-4 miles. If we then decided to celebrate our workout with coffee and a donut, we would eat more calories in a minute than we burned off in an hour.

One thought on “Burn 400 Calories, Eat 500”

  1. This totally happened to me when I did the Lifetime Triathlon. Especially after swim training I would eat like a beast. When I saw some pictures of myself from the couple of triathons I did I looked like a porker. I think I also ate too many Clif Bars.

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