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Splogging Kirk & Anne

Ever heard of splogs? They’re blogs full of spammy content. People create programs that generate thousands of pages of content with ads on them, figuring that is they have thousands (if not millions) of pages of content, someone will surely stumble upon the site and click on an ad.

One problem. It takes a lot time to actually write stuff. So rather than write their own content, they scrape copies of content from other sites. A popular source of content is the homepage of Google News, but they’ll use just about anything.

For example, here is a site that’s scraped a post from Kirk’s blog where he’s talking about the launch of Anne’s blog:

I didn’t link to it, so you’ll have to copy/paste it if you want to check it out for yourself. In this case, it looks like the blog is harvesting any content they find that uses the term “four seasons” that shows up in Google’s blog search.

The site finds content using Google Blog Search, scrapes the content of a Google property (Blogger blog), then puts Google AdSense ads on the stolen content. And the only manual work involved in this operation was by Kirk.

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