TotD – Toasted Rice (Gen Mai)

TotD – Toasted Rice (Gen Mai), originally uploaded by edkohler.

Today’s tea of the day is a toasted rice green tea from Tillie’s Bean in Minneapolis.

It’s a little bitter,and becoming more bitter as I drink it. probably because I can’t stop the steeping in this type of tea pot.

The toasted rice dealio does seem to provide some extra body, but without a way to stop the steeping, it goes downhill fast. Actually, steeping for 1-2 minutes, then pouring into a togo cup would do the trick.

And yes, that is Ben of poking his head into the picture. He had an Earl Grey.

3 thoughts on “TotD – Toasted Rice (Gen Mai)”

  1. This is seriously, my favorite tea. You should definitely give it another whirl with less steeping to really enjoy it.

    Man I haven’t had that in forever… Ought to pick some up.

  2. Not too far away from Tillie’s is Midori’s Floating World Cafe (across from the Resource Center of the America’s just off of Minnehaha and Lake), which has great Gen Mai Cha and very decent sushi.

  3. Ooh, I love their green rice tea. Ask the Barista she showed me how to pull the tea basket out to stop the stepping. I love the tea pot and bought one at x-mas for my house.

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