Chicago Rocks / Sucks / Rocks / Sucks

Jeff breaks down the pluses and minuses of Chicago living with a top-10 and bottom-10 list at The Daily Score. On the positive side, he includes:

Neighborhoods: Buying a Chicago neighborhood map was one of my first purchases. It’s what makes the city so unique.

While most large cities have defined neighborhoods, Chicago does seem unique in it’s ability to have neighborhoods with character.

On his 10 Worst Things:

Parks: Walking around Lincoln Park is all right, but this city only has a couple big parks and they get real busy and full. When you have trains going by one end of the park and major streets going by the other, that just isn’t that ideal of a situation.

Compared to Minneapolis, Chicago has no parks. If I worked or lived near downtown, I think I’d get sick of Lincoln Park and the lake shore over time, and where would I go next? And road biking? Forget it.

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  1. …and that is what I find funny about Runner’s World claiming that Chicago is one of the best running cities. One path does not a great park system make. If a 10 mile path were all it took to have a great park system, Wichita, Kansas would be considered awesome (which it is not)…

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