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TotD – Yerba Mate from Eco Teas

Yerba Mate

Today’s tea is Yerba Mate. It’s a green loose leaf tea that looks like weed. It has a musty green tea flavor, and is slightly bitter, but very drinkable, which is good because I have a pound of it. The instructions say to soak the leaves in cold water before adding hot water, and that the hot water shouldn’t be boiling. That’s a lot of work for tea, in my opinion.

I followed the steps today and couldn’t taste the difference vs. dumping hot water on it without a pre-soak. Using water that’s less than boiling is definitely key to making a good green tea though. Bitterness can go through the roof if you hit them with 200+ F water.

It’s high in anti-oxidents and has half the caffeine of coffee, so it’s a good wake-me-up you can feel good about drinking without getting such a buzz that all you can do is watch 10 second clips on YouTube.

This is available in a green package at the Seward Coop.

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