Gustavus Hall’s Burned out Shell – aka Baraka Rugs

Gustaveous Hall Shell, originally uploaded by kaslingsby.

A great photo of Gustavus Hall by kaslingsby, which was last home to Baraka Rugs a few years back when it burned back on . . . get this . . . January 14, 2004. It’s sat empty, collecting graffiti, with an insecure door for more than three years now.

Who knows what goes on inside this place? Why has it been more than three years with no improvement to this property?

I believe the city has authorized the demolition of the building after many many many attempts to get the building’s owner to do something with it.

The Gustavus Adolphus Society appears to be interested in the sign and 1924 stonework.

Here is some history of the woman who owned Baraka Rugs.

The building used to also house a music venue named The Babylon. Here’s a forum thread from the day the building burned down from The Babylon’s angle.

There is a Shoefiti angle to this story. Here’s a post from 18 months ago regarding the shoefiti near the building.

2 thoughts on “Gustavus Hall’s Burned out Shell – aka Baraka Rugs”

  1. Keep these posts coming Deets, I’m on a roll!

    Here is your wine bar…it would have to specialize in spanish wines and maybe give kickbacks to the local hispanic gangs for the protection racket.

    But, while it is a better building…it is not the better neighborhood for the wine bar scene. The old rule is location location location, not building building building, eh?

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