Coach Bags Take a Beating

And by take a beating, I don’t mean they’re durable. I mean a verbal beating based on a poor customer experience.

The Angry Professor goes off of Coach bags:

A Gentleman’s C: Spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, spam…

I used to be a loyal Coach customer. I thought nothing of spending $400 for a bag that, at Target, would cost $35. (This was pre-Angry Kid, of course.) Then the strap broke on my $400 bag, and I tried to use the fabulous “lifetime warranty!” they tout with every purchase. Imagine my surprise when my bag was returned to me with a form letter and a refusal to even attempt to fix the strap. “Too bad,” the letter said. “Here’s 20% off your next purchase instead.” 20%? For a $400 bag that lasted less than a year? Bite me, Coach.

Looks like they deserved it. I wonder if they’ll bother responding to her about her bad experience, or just let people like me amplify her bad experience to a larger audience?

2 thoughts on “Coach Bags Take a Beating”

  1. Not trying to say that this customer DIDN’T have what sounds like a horrible experience… I wonder about the circumstances in which the strap broke. The buckle? The leather? Again, not saying that Coach is in the clear on this, but I would assume that if the bag looked like it had been damaged in such a way that did not look like normal wear and tear.. I can almost see their point. ((sorry))

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