A Driving Smoking Machine

Roadguy is the best blog on the Star Tribune. If I’m wrong out that, let me know which is better.

Here’s a great comment Roadguy received from a reader about a chain smoking SUV driver on 35W in the Northern ‘burbs. I have a feeling that I don’t have much in common with this woman:

Roadguy » Blog Archive » Mailbag plus: Turn left already, try that ashtray, and a reassuring sight

Last night, I saw a woman driving an SUV on northbound 35W lighting a cigarette around County Road E. She took a total of 2½ minutes to enjoy the cigarette, then threw it out the window of her truck. As appalled as I was, I had no idea that she’d actually light up another cigarette just 2 minutes later, and do exactly the same thing! … After finishing the second cigarette, she actually lit a third, and after sucking the last bit of brown crap from it, threw it out the window too!! She polished off and threw out onto the highway three cigarettes all within roughly 10 minutes! …

Stressful day, perhaps?

Or, just another day in the life of a chimney?

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