TotD – Orange Tangerine Zinger Again

April 5, 2007 Tea

Today’s Tea of the Day is Celestial Seasoning’s Orange Tangerine Zinger. Yes, that’s the same tea I had yesterday, but there’s a twist. Today I used two tea bags instead of one, and I have to say that it made a difference. Today it had both a scent and taste to it. If you happen to use a Bodum Assam 6-Cup Tea Press like I do, I’d highly recommend doubling the dosage on Celestial Seasonings teas.

In other news, Ben of claims that I’ve stolen his Tea of the Day idea. While there may be some similarities, the biggest difference is I’ve actually posted a tea of the day every day since I’ve launched my tea of the day feature. In my opinion, Ben has forfeited any rights he may have possessed to the TotD concept.

Jeremy of the aptly named, “Jeremy Blog” has problems with the TotD concept, stating:

If you want to make hot water with flavor, at least put something good in it like chocolate. No this blog post is not really about tea, but more about the futility of trying to tell somebody about a tea that you like on a blog. Because lets face it, nobody else is going to have your exact opinion. And if they do, they need to get a life.

So Jeremy clearly has problems with tea drinkers, tea writers, and tea drinker’s readers. There’s a lot in that short screed, but I’ll just say that people can enjoy a tea review whether they happen to agree with the person or not. For example, my coworker Alex decided that he didn’t need to watch the movie Fast Food Nation after I told him I liked An Inconvenient Truth. Ya see, he trusts that my opinion of a movie is the exact opposite of his own, which has value in it’s own way.

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