Sex Offender Moving Near Matthew’s Park

Whenever a sex offender flier is distributed, I always wonder why they don’t provide a bit more information about what the person did so I have a better feel for how concerned I should be. As the system works now, it’s something less than the color coded alert system George W. Bush uses to scare people into voting for him (how many alerts have you heard about since the 2004 elections?).

Today, I received a flier about a sex offender who’s apparently moving from near the burned out for years but still standing Baraka Rugs building on E Lake St & 17th Ave S to near Matthews Park in Seward.

The flyer gives the offender’s name, but no hints into what type of sex crime he committed to get on the list. So, I looked it up on the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Registry.


It turns out that this particular dude broke into a home and raped a 17 year old girl.

Now that’s the kind of information I’m looking for. Victim didn’t know the criminal crimes are much scarier than victim knew the criminal. Your neighbor could beat his wife every day without being a threat to you, but if your neighbor’s daughter is raped by a stranger, it’s in a different league.

I’ve never been to one of these meetings, and don’t think I’ll be able to make this one. If you’d like to see what it’s all about, head over to Matthew’s Park on April 16th at 7pm.

6 thoughts on “Sex Offender Moving Near Matthew’s Park”

  1. Agreed, an 18 year old having sex with his 16 year old gf and gets hung out to dry by pissed off parents doesn’t deserve the same kind of treatment that this particular individual does.

    I have never been notified of anyone with a sex offender status moving into our area. I should probably check and see if there are any nearby.

  2. Bill, it looks like there are 3 in all of Dakota County: West St. Paul, Farmington, and Eagan. They’re almost all in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

  3. If I got a flyer like that, I might be tempted to do something illegal. Thank god that a jury would probably exonerate me for my deed if it happened, and the neighborhood would be safer by one person.

  4. Minnesota has a site for the same thing, actually (here).

    I agree that having that information on what they did is incredibly helpful in determining the threat to you and yours–I’m glad it’s included.

  5. That is not enough. ALL offenders need to be either in jail or segregated from society in their own sex offender colony, away from our children, victims. Such segregation should include restrictions from the Internet. They should remain there for the rest of their registration periods. If they have to register for life, so be it; they must STAY SEGREGATED for life.

    Until we take this matter into our own hands, do everything you can to kick ALL offenders out of our neighborhoods, incuding boycotts, taking pictures of them wherever they go, and ensuring that if they get near children, to warn their parents that he’s a convicted sex offender. Hopefully, this will provide enough impetus for the monster to move and, hopefully, get incarcerated again for life.

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