Online Advertising Overtakes Newspapers in UK

The BBC reported last week that ad spending online has finally overtaken newspaper advertising in the UK:

Web ad spend overtakes newspapers

Online advertising expenditure jumped 41.2% to £2.01bn during the year, the report by the Internet Advertising Bureau and PricewaterhouseCoopers said.

In contrast, spending on national newspaper ads grew just 0.2% to £1.9bn, taking a 10.7% share of the market.

I use the term “finally” since it’s been inevitable for so long. However, the UK is actually far ahead of the United States in migrating advertising to match today’s media consumption.

Here’s an obvious fact: more people use the web than read the newspaper.

Some businesses probably should be putting money into newspaper advertising first. For example, if I ran a funeral home, I’d probably start my ad spend with print ads in the obituaries section, followed by a Yellow Pages ad buy. What other businesses should look to newspapers before the web for their ad spends?

Does your business prioritize ad spending? Personally, I have a bit of a search engine bias, so I advise people all the time that they should spend as much as they can justify on search advertising before considering other forms of advertising since it’s the only place where prospects are actually turning themselves in based on the terms they search for. Once that’s tapped, it’s time to look at other advertising strategies.

If more businesses adopted the “search advertising first” approach to advertising, they’d see a bigger bang for their ad bucks, and end up asking tougher questions when it came time to make additional ad buys.

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