Don’t Grab Michael Tonn’s Ass

He will cut you:

Bottle Battle

“Upon being detained, Tonn allegedly informed the officer that he’d hit the victim with the bottle because the man had grabbed his ass. He’s charged with third-degree assault. The West St. Paul resident could not be reached for comment.”

I don’t remember anything like that happening at the Moose Country bar (aka. Conference Room 6) when I worked for Ecolab across the street. Times have changed, eh?

I believe you can smoke on that side of the river, so I have no interest in spending $ at the Moose these days.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Grab Michael Tonn’s Ass”

  1. Would the person who grabbed his ass have to be gay for it to be a hate crime, or would he just have to think he’s gay? Or is the fact that it was another dude make the ass grab gay?

    I bet chances are pretty good he would have had a different reaction if his ass had been grabbed by a girl he’d been staring at all night.

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