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Ben’s Making Outrageous Statements

I noticed that Ben of (nice new look, dude) has been making outrageous statements, including this one:

New theme, new me… Or something cheesy like that

“Ed from The Deets will be happy as bencredible is his #1 source of traffic.”

Let’s put that into proper perspective: If Ben was to click through from his site to mine, his site would be the #1 source of traffic . . . for at least a minute or two.

Ben’s mothballed site is the 12th largest referrer of traffic to The Deets. Something called “The Google” is #1.

Among friend’s sites, I have to give props to the following sites for sending traffic to The Deets though links. Based on March’s traffic, the top referring sites of friends are:

Bill (lazylightning)
Aaron (s4xton)
Ben (bencredible)
Paul (localmn)
Anne (tvsnacks)
Mike (jackalope)
Erica (metblogs)
Scott (running commentary)
Kirk (allfourseasons)
Nathan (Life by the Falls)

I have a feeling that The Deets is the #1 referring source of traffic to BenCredible since 2 of the whopping 3 blogs that have linked to BenCredible below to me: The Deets and

I have a feeling BenCredible is going to pull itself up by it’s bootstraps.

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