Site’s Running Better Now

The pages load times on The Deets over the past few days have been painful, as if the server was approaching the peak of Everest with a piano in tow. I finally had a chance to look into why this was happening and figured it out.

The left column used to have a feature called “Recent Posts from Friends” or some sort of similar term. It used an RSS aggregation service called FeedBlendr to pull together the recent posts from around a dozen sites into one single feed, and the “blended” feed was then syndicated onto this site.

Apparently, FeedBlendr hasn’t had enough fiber in it’s diet lately, so The Deets was becoming backed up when the page load reached the FeedBlendr request. FeedBlendr would eventually get it out with some squeezing, but it was a painful process.

So, FeedBlendr is gone.

It’s worth noting that the problem may not be with FeedBlendr but with one of the feeds I has mixed in the blendr. That’s something I’ll check out on another day.

While digging around, I noticed the Flickr photos in the upper right-hand corner of the site didn’t have dimensions in the HTML code, so the server didn’t know how much room to set aside for the photos until they loaded. Fixed as well.

Back to the regularly scheduled programming.

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