Least Dangerous Game: A Twitter Based Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt where a Twitter users hides somewhere in town, then send out
hints via Twitter leading people to his or her location. Joining the game is as
simple as adding LDG as a friend at

Here is what participants have to look forward to:

“From noon to 6pm this Saturday, March 31st, I will be hiding out somewhere in
the Twin Cities. I will send updates to
http://www.twitter.com/ldg with more
clues to where I am, as the day passes.

The prize this week? Let’s see, I have $15 in my wallet. Looks like a $15
Target gift certificate, with a catch. You can not spend it on any Justin
Timberlake merchandise. It’s not that he doesn’t make catchy music. It’s that
I think he has enough money, don’t you?”

Least Dangerous Game is the product of Aric McKeown, a Minneapolis web geek
who also runs another techie community site,
where Aric asks the community to vote on what TV shows he should watch, then tapes himself
watching the community’s recommended shows.

McKeown came up for the idea for Least Dangerous Game last weekend while
Twittering his way around town while searching for beads. He explained, “I seem
to have most of my ideas in cars. Maybe I should become a semi driver.”

Things quickly went from concept to production:

“I brainstormed the site name with my wife,
registered it last weekend, built it on Monday, and still had time to read a
book outside in the 80 degree weather. It was the best Monday

As of this writing, twenty nine Twitter users have signed up for the kick-off
round of the game tomorrow. For those participating, here are a few quick tips
from Aric on what it will take to be a LDG champion:

“The ultimate LDG player will know their Twin
Cities history, be able to solve my stupid riddles, and have a wireless phone
for Twitter updates. Access to Google Maps would probably help as well, but
shouldn’t be necessary.?Also, they should like to smile. It’s a game,
after all.”

If you’re not in the Minneapolis area, you can still hop on the
LDG Twitter
group to follow along from anywhere in the world.

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