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Least Dangerous Game Starts Saturday

I’m jumping on the Least Dangerous Game scene. Looks like Aaron and Erica beat me to it. I’m such a laggard.

I can’t say that I really know what this is about, but it sounds like it’s a medallion-hunt kinda thing except you’re looking for a person who’s popping out hints using Twitter.

Backing up, Twitter is a group text messaging service where you SMS a quick message into the number 40404, which is then broadcast to your fellow Twitter friends. For those familiar with Dodgeball, it’s basically the shout-out feature. You can also send message out to your friends using the Twitter site, AIM and other IM services, or via a bunch of other widgets people are creating for the service.

If you want to try Twitter out, go to or just send an SMS message to 40404 with the message JOIN. After you’re signed up, add me as a friend to get started.

If the Least Dangerous Game sounds like fun, add the game as a friend here. They’re shooting for 50 participants and have 20 signed up so far.

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