Cyclists Should Avoid Delta Airlines

Looks like they’re charging the highest fees in the airline industry for transporting a bike: $100 each way!

Airlines gouging bicyclists flying abroad

The International Bicycle Fund reports that, beginning in 2007, most airlines began charging for bicycles carried on trans-Atlantic flights to the tune of $80 to $160 each way. Before this year, ibike reported that airlines generally allowed bicycles to fly free, in lieu of a piece of baggage. describes Delta as, “Generally a leader in anti-bicycle policies.” So poo on them.

Other US carriers aren’t far behind at $80.

The article makes a great point that a fit cyclists with a bike weigh less than many passengers.

2 thoughts on “Cyclists Should Avoid Delta Airlines”

  1. Yeah, I wondered about that cost too, so shipping my bike would cost $200 round trip, but a new bike is about $1000 (since I am not riding a genuine Lance Armstrong 20 gram Trek road machine), so combine that with the hassles of packing, assembly, repacking, reassembly, and the risk of having it end up in Cleveland instead of Seattle, I was thinking it is probably safer and easier to rent or even buy (and resell it) a bike at your destination.

    Which reminds me, I almost landed a ride from Madison back to the cities here next month, but I chickened out since my net mileage for ’07 is 16 miles and I figured to hop to 300 in one weekend would do some serious damage to my derriere. But I am thinking this is the summer for some serious touring.

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